Kamla Nagar is a residential and commercial neighbourhood in north Delhi,India. It is one of Delhi’s major shopping centres.
Situated next to the North Campus of Delhi University, Kamla Nagar is a lively market and a popular hang-out for college students. It is famous for popular fashion brands and spicy street food. The roads, spreading out radially from a huge roundabout, house several showrooms. The lower floors of the market house retail stores and restaurants while most of the upper storeys are residential quarters. A number of booksellers and publishers have their offices in this market, especially on the Bungalow Road.

How to reach Kamla Nagar Market       
Vishwa Vidyalaya metro station is the Nearest Metro Station to Kamla Nagar Market. Pul Bangash Metro station which is on the Red Line Metro which is also about 3 kms from Kamla Nagar Market.

About the Market ……


Kamla Nagar is named after Kamala Nehru, a freedom fighter and wife of Jawaharlal Nehru, India’s first prime minister. The neighbourhood rose to prominence after the erection of Ram Swarup Clock Tower on the grand train road in 1941, and the construction of Jaipuria and Birla textile mills.It was also a stop on the erstwhile Delhi Tram Service. In the 1950s, it was developed as an affluent residential area.
Kamla Nagar, and its adjoining neighbourhoods, were a centre of political activity during the late British Raj and the first two decades after Independence.

You may check out a few showrooms on Bada Gol Chakkar and Chhota Gol Chakkar. The McDonald’s and Domino’s outlets here are a big attraction for the young regulars.
More recently, Kamla Nagar has been converting into a ladies’ high-street shopping center where one can find western and ethnic clothing, along with cheaper street-bargain shopping. The commercial streets house a mix of international brands and Indian stores, mostly located on and around Bungalow Road, opposite Hans Raj College.
As the market is situated next to North campus of Delhi University, the market overflows with crowd of college students. The best part about this whole experience is the high one gets at looking at college kids sneaking a bite every now and then in some hotspot eatery joints. In the bustle of picking up their favourite brand imitations on tee shirts or graphic prints of their favourite characters on ink.

Kamla Nagar market is closed on Mondays.


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