Here’s our Guide to Janpath Market


Janpath is such a colorful representation of one of the most beautiful things about Delhi. It’s so incredibly eclectic and you’re bound to find something interesting, even if you’re barely even looking. Janpath Market is one of the most famous markets for tourists (both Indian and foreign) in New Delhi. The market essentially is a long line of boutique stores selling products which cannot be found in today’s malls and showrooms of the city. It is also one of the oldest markets of New Delhi with establishment of some boutiques dating back to 1950. The Janpath market stretches around 1.5-km from the Outer Circle of Connaught Place to Windsor Place.

How to reach Janpath Market

 Take Metro to the Rajiv Chowk Station, exit from gate no. 5 from there you have to walk   for 10min towards the LIC building and behind the building there is the market. Also you can directly get download at janpath metro station which is in the violet line. And walk way straight to reach Janpath Market.

About Janpath Market

Why is Janpath Market Famous ?

The market is known for its cheap clothes and accessories at the price you can’t imagine (but you have to bargain for that).  From the Tibetan Market to the Gujarati Market, to the fancy stores, to the flea market, to the Central Cottage Industries Emporium.  Janpath Market is a shopping experience to be reckoned with.

Janpath has four different Market areas –

  1. Gujarati Market
  2. Tibetan Market
  3. Main Market
  4. Flea Market or Export Surplus Market

footpath_20180260371Gujarati Market – Roam radiant pinks and oranges that make you long for a Goa sunset, to yellows that almost give you sunburn, the sensory experience of this little corner is glorious. Gujarati craftsmen and women selling brightly colored bags, pillowcases, bed sheets, umbrellas, kurtas and shirts embroidered with mirrors and even more color. They sell amazingly beautiful colorful designs of hand crafted items at a very low range. It’s traditionally very unique and one can make your house look vibrant and colorful ethnic at a very low budget.

240616-Janpath-Market-Tibetian-MarketTibetan Market – Tibetan Market at Janpath is a destination for all antique lovers and for girls who loves silver jewellery. Most of the stores here sell similar things, such as knockoff and silver jewellery, precious and semi-precious stones, all sorts of glass, wooden and plastic beads, statues of all forms and sizes, and Tibetan Thangka paintings of gods and goddesses. If you have enough patience and dedication to dig through the piles, you’re more than likely to find an antique bracelet, cool trinket, or a painting that speaks to your soul.

facebook-fxcfxcajle-1451802016-1Main Market – Main Market, which is the line of stores between the Gujarati Market lane and the Flea Market, you’ll find slightly costlier, slightly more reliable products. There are variety of options where you can find yourself some exclusive range of products from sarees, leather products bags wallets, beautiful Kashmiri shawls and many more. There is a shop at the starting of the main market which sells funky t-shirts starting at INR 500, Metro Poles Footwear  for juttis and kohlapuris starting at INR 400. Among other exquisite items are the Kashmiri wool shawls and scarves, Indian Kurtis and Churidars brass ornaments and artifacts, carpets and other gift items.


Flea Market or Export Surplus Market – Roam around, keep your eyes peeled and sharpen those bargaining claws. The layout and products in the market keep changing, so you might not find everything we describe here—but that’s kinda the charm of places like Janpath. You never really know what to expect until you’re there, in the thick of it, experiencing it full on.


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Connaught Place is a huge area surrounded by markets on all sides. Janpath is not just the market, it’s the ethos of this city which has grown over the years, but somethings just don’t change. Street vendors to showrooms, hustle bustle of the people in hoards, vendors shouting to attract passersby, artifacts and artificial jewellery, you have it all here at Janpath. Janpath in Hindi language means Path for Public. From Indians to foreigners, from rich to poor, from classes to masses, everyone would have been to Janpath. It is pretty difficult to shop at janpath as its mostly over crowded but with the Nearr Augmented Reality App one can shop hassle free. The app will bring a rapid revolutionary change in the way people do retail shopping. A marketplace that helps shoppers to find products,value for money deals etc available in different stores along with a location-based augmented reality feature to see deals and discounts running across different stores using the camera lens in real-time. AR technology lets customers find what they need quickly, supplies customers with information about products, and increases the number of purchases made. This AR App can help users create shopping lists, find the shortest route through the store to the things they want to buy, and guide customers to all products on their list.

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