Gaffar Market a Popular Market for Tech Solutions

Your next visit to Karol Bagh holds the key to the treasure chest that is Gaffar Market. Gaffar Market is one of the few places in Delhi that is a veritable classroom for people who love bargaining! With a plethora of shops selling goods way beyond our imagination, the market is a simple haven for all wish to do budget shopping. Gaffar Market has a number of shops from tech – cameras, mobile phones, speakers etc.


How  to reach Gaffar Market ?

It takes 1 minutes to travel from Karol Bagh Metro Station to Gaffar Market. Approximate driving distance between Karol Bagh Metro Station and Gaffar Market is 1 kms or 0.6 miles or 0.5 nautical miles . Travel time refers to the time taken if the distance is covered by a car.


About Gaffar Market ?

Why is Gaffar Market Famous –

  • Gaffar Market is popular for the tech solutions it provides Delhi with week after week, whether it be mobile phones, cameras or even home theater systems.
  • But what most people don’t know about Gaffar Market is that it’s extremely popular by its street name, Grey Market. There are a few peddlars & shops here that sell China made good at throwaway prices if you know how to bargain!

maxresdefaultMobile repairing shops in Gaffar market, one of Asia’s biggest electronics markets, are prospering due to negligence of mobile phone companies towards post-sale services. Deteriorating customer service by big companies has translated into big business for this market. Gaffar is one of those few markets in Delhi that has a thousand options to choose from when it comes Tech solutions. And we don’t just mean cheap pieces of tech, the real deal starts when you buy/sell mobile phones here.

The great part about Gaffar Market is that there are a thousand shops here that sell imported items. With no excuse for where it comes from & how it got here prior to the launch by the respective company, you can find PlayStation(s), Games, Sony TVs etc here! In fact, if sources are to be believed, some of the shops in Gaffar were selling PS3 way before it got released here in India! Always ahead of time? We think so! Of course, there are also shops here that can easily order, reorder & never ask a single question like why, how & when. You have got to buy goods here as quickly as they arrive, so don’t waste your time dreaming about it! 12 sept mobile

Apart from electronics Gaffar Market is a hot favorite with students & people who love buying clothes at throwaway prices! Gaffar has hundreds of shops selling entire wardrobes from clothes to shoes to garments etc. While most of the clothing material like jackets, shirts, sweaters & shoes come from China, garments are imported from Thailand. Ps. the shop keepers here are staunch believers of the fact that some of their goods surpass the quality of international brands! That can be true considering most of our clothes & accessories are anyway made in South-East Asia.



As Gaffar is one of the largest electronics market in India its pretty difficult and time consuming to go shopping at such huge markets. The Nearr AR apps let you filter by category so you can find exactly what you’re looking for, whether it’s a mobile store, Garment shop, Electronics shop. One doesn’t need to worry about getting turned around. AR Apps are growing at a tremendous speed as they give businesses a different edge which attracts the customers.

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