AUGMENTED REALITY (AR) is emerging as one of the key drivers of the tech economy. Interest in augmented reality (AR) is exploding as innovators explore the business relevance and roles AR can play in workforce Enablement and customer experience and interaction. This emerging technology holds tremendous promise for changing the way businesses operate. Augmented Reality is also projected to be an economic driver for the tech industry. By 2020, industry forecasters say the market worth for AR will reach $100 billion ( According to google). The potential of this technology in engaging users is on a constant rise and since all this comes with the comfort of the smartphone it is pretty much a friction-less idea. Brands can finally create the authentic immersive experience which consumers have been longing for. The technology is brilliant and that is reflected in all the researches and statistics.

Discovering Augmented Reality Augmented-Reality-Example-retail

Delivering information in more dynamic ways is one of the great challenges of the current tech revolution, and one solution that is rapidly rising to meet the call is augmented reality. AR systems overlay information on real-world scenes in real time. 

Real Use Cases for Augmented Reality



augmented-reality-in-retailIn today’s physical retail environment, shoppers are using their smartphones more than ever to compare prices or look up additional information on products they’re browsing.Now it’s becoming more of a reality, and forward-thinking retail brands are incorporating AR technology into the customer experience, both in-store and online.73698769088-top3_augmented_reality_app_inhaabit_go-home_lunar_chair_1000


From interior design to architecture and construction, AR is helping professionals visualize their final products during the creative process. Use of headsets enables architects, engineers, and design professionals step directly into their buildings and spaces to see how their designs might look, and even make virtual on the spot changes. Urban planners can even model how entire city layouts might look using AR headset visualization. Any design or modeling jobs that involve spatial relationships are a perfect use case for AR tech.

Business Logisticsstock-photo-augmented-reality-in-warehouse-and-logistic-concept-hand-hold-and-touching-digital-tablet-with-509123716

AR presents a variety of opportunities to increase efficiency and cost savings across many areas of business logistics. This includes transportation, warehousing, and route-optimization. Shipping company companies like DHL has already implemented smart AR glasses in some of its warehouses, where lenses display to workers the shortest route within a warehouse to locate and pick a certain item that needs to be shipping.

Tourism IndustryAugmented-Reality-Apps-for-Travel-Enthusiasts

Technology has gone a long way towards advancing the tourism industry in recent years, from review sites like TripAdvisor to informative website like Lonely Planet. But AR presents a huge opportunity for travel brands and agents to give potential tourists an even more immersive experience before they travel.

Classroom EducationPiRuby-19-september-2017-lq

While technology like tablets have become widespread in many schools and classrooms, teachers and educators are now ramping up student’s learning experience with AR.

Public Safety AFR_DPW070717WoodlandApp

In the event of an emergency today, people will immediately reach for their smartphone to find out what’s going on, where to go, and whether their loved ones are safe. Moreover, first responders arrive on the scene of a fire or earthquake trying to figure out who needs help, and the best way to get them to safety. AR is showing promise in solving both pieces of the public safety puzzle. First responders wearing AR glasses can be alerted to danger areas, and show in real-time individuals that need assistance while enabling to still be aware of their surroundings.


In the entertainment industry, it’s all about building a strong relationship with your branded characters and the audience. Properties like Harry Potter are immensely successful because readers of the books and watchers of the movies feel like they know the characters, and are hungry for additional content. Entertainment brands are now seeing AR as a great marketing opportunity to build deeper bonds between their characters and audience.

Field Serviceimages (6)

Whether it’s something as small as an air conditioner, or as large as a wind turbine, every day field service technicians get dispatched to repair a piece of mission critical equipment that needs to get up and running as soon as possible. Today, these technicians can arrive on-site with AR glasses or headsets and view whatever they’re repairing to more quickly diagnose – and fix – the problem. And instead of having to thumb through a repair manual, technicians can go about their business hands-free to get in and out faster than ever.

Advertising and Promotion download (2)

The Layar Reality Browser is an application for iPhone and Android designed to show the world around you by displaying real time digital information in conjunction with the real world. It uses the camera on your mobile device to augment your reality. Using the GPS location feature in your mobile device, the Layar application retrieves data based on where you are and displays this data to you on your mobile screen.